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Hockey - Jaguars


Where do jaguars live?
. Asia
. North and South America
. Europe
. Australia
Jaguars are larger than:
. Asiatic Lions
. African Lions
. Moutain Lions
. Tigers
Black Jaguars have spots.
. True
. False
Baby Jaguars stay with their mother for _____ year(s).
. 2
. 1
. 3
. 5
Jaguars are not to be confused with Leopards. The following is a difference between Leopards and Jaguars.
. Leopards are larger than Jaguars.
. Leopards live in Asia while Jaguars live in South & North America.
. Jaguars are vegetarians while Leopards eat meat.
. Jaguars do not have spots but Leopards do.