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Language - Speak Quiz

Sierra Robinson

Why does Rachelle put a candy cigarette between her lips?
. The forein exchange student makes her.
. She desperetly wants to smoke, but has asthma.
. It's a "cool thing " at school.
Who is the only person that melinda knows in gym?
. Heather
. Nicole
. Shelby
Where is the foreign territory where no freshman has gone before?
. Principal's Office
. The Closet
. The Senior's Wing
. None of the above
Why did melinda say the musical would be easy for her?
. because she is a freshman
. because she is a good actor
. because she did it in middle school
" The school bus wheezes to my corner" is an example of what figurative language?
. Metaphor
. Simile
. Personification
"The engine clanks". This is an example of which figurative language?
. Onomatopoeia
. Alliteration
. Metaphor
Why did Mr.Neck Close the debate?
. the students were finally starting to speak against him
. he was running out of time in the class
. he was getting aggravated with the topic