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Elemets - Chemistry Revision

Periodic table and particles

Define an atom
. Atoms are the smallest particle into which everythimg can be divided.
. A poo
. A collection of particles
. Atoms are the smallest molecle into which everything can be divided
What is a molecule?
. A group of particles bonded together
. A group of poo
. A group of atoms bonded together
. Lots of atoms moving freely
What is an element?
. The periodic table
. A type of particle which is only one type
. A molecule made up of only 1 type of atom
. a mix of two or more atoms
What is a compound?
. An element with over 100 atoms
. A molecule made up of more than one type of atom
. The sub division of an atom
. Your mum
What is a mixture?
. More then one molecule
. A combination of many different types of atoms
. Life
. More then one molecule binded together
What particle has a relitive mass of 0.0005 and a relative charge of -1?
. Proton
. Neutron
. Molecule
. Electron
What is the relitive mass and charge of a proton?
. Relative mass: 1 Relative charge: +1
. Relative mass:1 Relative charge: 0
. Relative mass: 5 Relative charge: -1