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aptitude - HITS-JEE 2010

HITS-JEE 2010 online test.

1.Solve the question-
2kg tatti+1kg paad+3kg phusi+4 kg laitrin+5ltr paani wali tatti
. 15
. 11
. 5006
. 5006.15
2.What was the rashee of rajni in the film whats your rashee??
. leo
. aquarius
. libra
. cancer
3.4kg phos+6kg tatti+4ltr paani wali tati??solve
. 14
. 4010.15
. 4001
. 14.15
4.What is the type of the potty ,if the person is suffering from constipation??
. hard with a little urine
. smooth
. neither too hard nor smooth
. none of the above(normal)
5.What is the name of servent of pav bhaji hotel,CALON,in bombay whose manager is appa dandekar??
(hint:-it is an advertisement of vim bar)
. ramu
. pandhiri
. muttu
. raman



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