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- Emma'sB-Day Quiz

how well do you know Emma?

my favorite dog breed is
. chihuahua
. dalmation
. golden retriever
. poodle
. good luck charlie
. hannah montana
. once upon a time
. girl meets world
My favorite fruit is
. watermelon
. grapes
. kiwi
. apples
The last school I went to was
. Boulder Creek
. Canyon Springs
. Diamond Canyon
. Gavilan Peak
For lunch, I always want
. mac and cheese
. pizza
. chicken
. lunchables
In my spare time, I love to
. make crafts
. do gymnastics
. cook food
. play with my dogs
I moved to Arizona from
. Florida
. California
. Mississippi
. Michigan
My bedroom is usually
. neat and tidy
. looks like a tornado hit it
. kinda messy
. really messy
Who is my favorite musical artist?
. Bea Miller
. Iggy Azalea
. Taylor Swift
. Katy Perry
What is my birthday?
. October 14th
. October 12th
. October 16th
. October 21st