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- How Fat Are You? - Only For Fat People -

Are you Chubby, Fat, HUGE, or obese

Look Down What Do You See?
. Just my huge fat jiggly belly and nothing elese.
. My huge fat round belly and the tippy tip of my toes.
. My belly and my feet and the floor
. My feet, the floor and maby legs.
Sit down. Now what do you see.
. My HUGE belly, jiggling and falling down on my legs and too many fat folds to count
. 5-7 fat fold and my HUGE belly just not touching your legs.
When going out, you see two places, one is a huge.... Awesome new food court! The second one is the brand new department store with tons of new clothes! Hmm.. You do need new clothes but will they fit?
. PFFT! Food food food food! I'm hungry! Who needs clothes anyways.. Oh yummy food court, you will never let me down. Not like I'll get fat or anything.
. Give me the food! My main life goal is to eat food! I can't wait to get that food and sit around on the couch for 4 house doing nothing! Who cares about being fat anyways!
. Uhh.. I am getting chubby. Ummm. I need new clothes. I'm not that hungry but.. Urhhhh what to do.. I can't get anymore fat! No don't go.. You have to go to the new shop.. No don't look at it.. Just don't LOOOK.... URHH. Fine, i must go eat FOOOOOOD.. Just not too many meals this time. Last I had more then 7
. Hmmm.. I am hungry but I am chubby. Well I'll go get some new clothes!
. URRRHHH DAH I'm going to the department store!
You go to a department store. None of the clothes fit in the place your looking. What do you do?
. Pfft, clothes are, for loooosssserrrrrs! Oh yummy food court. Your always there for me. 10 burgers and 6 fizzy drinks it is then oh and can't forget the 9 large frise packs!
. Pfft. I'm going home. Gonna eat lots of food and sit around on the couch for a long time and not eavel bother to go to bed. I'll just eat eat eat and sit on the couch until I fall asleep!
. I'm gonna go see the next section of this place to see if anything fits me there!
When you do sport. What dose you belly do?
. Jiggle attack!
. Woah jiggly!
. (Hungry hungry) not much jiggling!
. No jiggling
How hard is it to do sport or run or jump or go up stairs or walk or you know what I mean.
. ???????? I don't do anything like that. I just sit and stand.. Sometime walk.
. I pant, pant, swet, and get winded and faint or pass out!