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certin - David Bowie Quiz

Do you think you know the Thin White Duke? Take the test and find out!

 A.- Who was David's bass player on the Reality Tour?  

 B.- Who produced the albums 'Heathen' and 'Reality'?  

 C.- What Pink Floyd song did David cover on Pin Ups?  

 D.- On what part of David's body does he have a tattoo?  

 E.- What was the name of the girl murdered in the concept album 1. Outside?  

 F.- During the Reality Tour, David was reportedly followed around by a giant pink what?  

 G.- Who gave David the riff for 'Dead Man Walking'?  

 H.- What was the name of the lead guitarist in the Spiders From Mars?  

 I.- What is David's current wife's name?  

 J.- Who punched David in the eye when he was a teenager? (Full name)  

 K.- Finish the lyric: She'll come, she'll go, she'll lay on you  

 L.- What is David's 4th studio album entitled?  

 M.- David's birthday is in what month?  

 N.- David's son's first name is  

 O.- David Bowie's real name is (include middle name)