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- Sanjay k baare mai

All about me d sanju baba

What is my favourite color?
. Blue
. White
. Green
. Black
What is my favourite pastime?
. Surfing net
. Playing games
. Sleeping
. Fighting with you
Whom do I love the most?
. You
. Dad
. Mom
. Some else
Who is my favorite player?
. Virat kohli
. Lionel Messi
. Christiano Ronaldo
. Rohit Sharma
What I love doing with you?
. Fighting
. Irritating you
. Just be the ME with you
. All of the above
What is my favourite cuisine?
. Barbeque chicken
. Biryani
. Traditional thali
. Mom's food
What I like the most about you?
. Selflesness
. Beauty
. Simplicity
. Your attitude
Are we in love?
. Yes
. No idea. May be.
. Never can we be
What is my favorite game?
. Hockey
. Football
. Cricket
. Volleyball