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- How Well Do You Know Rein?

Do you think you know everything about Rein?

First Disney Movie To Watch?
. Beauty and the Beast
. Pocahontas
. Pinocchio
Where Was Rein Born?
. Quezon City
. Caloocan City
. Bulacan
. Batangas
Favourite “Pop” Song?
. Beautiful Soul
. You’re Still The One
. Officially Missing You
. Ever Ever After
Favourite “Disney” Song?
. Let It Go
. How Far I’ll Go
. Tale As Old As Time
. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Biggest Generic Goal In Life?
. Becoming A Famous YouTuber
. Becoming A Traveller
. Becoming A Musician
. Becoming A Contortionist
True or False - One time, Rein’s head hit the ground on a playground once and a huge bump formed on the crown of his head...
. True
. False
Dream Permanent Residence?
. Tokyo
. Paris
. England
. California
. Toronto
. Florida
. Hong Kong
. New York
Favourite YouTuber At The Moment?
. Liza Koshy
. The Gabbie Show
. Shane Dawson
. Dan And Phil
What Instrument Did He Play In Grade 9?
. Clarinet
. Saxophone
. Flute
. Non