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- How Well Do You Know Me

A quiz to show how well you really know me

What is my favorite color?
. Red
. Blue
. Yellow
. Green
. Orange
. Purple
On the days I work, what is my go-to for breakfast?
. Cereal
. Everything bagel with cream cheese toasted
. Donuts
. Yogurt
. French toast
. Eggs
I have watched at least one episode of the following shows except one. Which did I NOT watch?
. The Walking Dead
. The 100
. Heroes
. Burn Notice
. 24
. Game of Thrones
I have been which of the following for Halloween? (there is more than one correct answer)
. The Number 8
. Harry Potter
. The Terminator
. Quasimodo
. Spider-Man
. A Cowboy
When did I have my first kiss?
. Before high school
. During high school
. Soon after high school
. Only very recently
. I have only ever kissed either online or, in real life, kissed someone on the cheek
. I have never EVER kissed
Which extracurricular activity did I do?
. I ran track
. Football
. Baseball
. Basketball
. Soccer
. Lacrosse
If you took me out to a bar and I were given the following drinks to choose from, which would I choose? (there is more than one correct answer)
. Michelob Ultra
. Corona
. Budweiser
. Guiness
. Blue Moon
. Coors Light
. a hard cider (e.g. Angry Orchard, Downeast)
Which of the following have I not done that I would never want to do?
. Sky-diving
. Travel to Asia
. Ride a horse
. Blow bubbles with bubble gum
. Water ski
. Climb Mt. Everest
What subject is most likely to make me want to jump off a cliff?
. Math
. Science
. History
. Writing
. Geography
. Reading
I have been called the following as an insult? Which was actually true at one point in time?
. Autism
. Fat
. Nigger
. Gay or Faggot
. More than one of these is true about me
. None of the above are true
What is my zodiac sign?
. Capricorn
. Aquarius
. Pisces
. Aries
. Taurus
. Gemini
. Cancer
. Virgo
. Leo
. Scorpio
What gangster rap musician did I have an album of as a kid?
. Trae
. 50 Cent
. E-40
. Cam'Ron
. Lil Wayne
. Rick Ross
Since this is the 13th question, let's focus on the number "13". What do I most associate the number "13" with?
. the Kingdom Hearts games
. an unlucky number
. a lucky number
. horror
. darkness
. the year 2013
. it's just another fucking number, so move on!
. guilt
What food did I try cooking that once caused a power outage?
. burgers
. chicken
. spaghetti
. pizza
. a dessert pie
. lasagna
. turkey
. hot dogs
. French toast
. none of the above
Let's say you take me out to get something to eat and the place we go to has some things on the menu I avoid because of some foods it contains. What could make me skip over the menu item? (there is more than one correct answer)
. Eggs
. cheese
. tomatoes
. gravy
. peppers
. sriracha
. mushrooms
. pickles
What would NOT be a good place to take me if you wanted to take me somewhere for a day for me?
. a casino
. a beach looking out into the ocean
. a historical landmark
. the mountains
. camping
. a visit to a major city
. hiking
. a national park
Which of these books have I NOT read?
. Cloud Atlas
. a Harry Potter book
. The Lost Hero
. any of the Dark Tower books
. Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark
. Fahrenheit-451
. Their Eyes Were Watching God
. The Hunger Games