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An accurate version of the bs "How Well Do You Know Me" quizzes that have been going around lately.

If I could sleep with a celebrity, who would it be?
. Andrew Garfield
. Brad Pitt
. Jason Momoa
. Dylan O'Brien
What's my go-to order at Baskin Robbins?
. Jamoca Almond Fudge
. Chocolate Chip
. Mint Chocolate Chip
. Love Potion #31
Pick my drink of choice:
. Vodka
. Beer
. Rum
. Whiskey
What is my worst habit?
. Biting my nails
. Snacking constantly
. Swearing like a sailor
. Running up a higher bar tab than expected
How do I show affection?
. Tackle you with a hug
. Give you a special nickname
. Pick up my phone whenever you call
. Drag you to the bar for a shot
Am I DOG person or a CAT person?
. Dog
. Cat
. Seriously if you get this wrong unfriend me
. Lies. I'm a bird person.
How often do I exercise?
. Once a week
. Twice a week
. Never
. My weekend nights out are my workouts
How many hair colors have I had?
. 7
. 5
. 9
. 4