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- How Much You Want Me

How Much Do You Want Me?

Why do you like me?
. You are smart, pretty, bittersweet, weird, and just my type and your lips are soft
. You are pretty
. Idk i just dooooo
. because i cannnnnnn
Do you like my personality?
. Yes
. No
. Yes! I do because you like too be yourself!1
. No, i just like you
. do i have too answer this? ~yes you do have too answer this question
Do you know my past?
. Yes;it wasn't so great but not bad
. Yes;it was a great past!
. Yes;it was terrible
. yes;am i allowed to tell anyone how bad it was? ~no ur not
Do you want my lips?
. Yes
. Yes
. no i want **********
. no i want nothin to deal wit u!!!!!!!!
Will you catch me when i fall?
. Yes i will
. no i wont