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- bitchin'

yeeeaaahhhhhhhhh bbooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

whats my least favourite body part?
. all of it
. chest
. feet
. genital area
name a country i would love to visit and most believable reason?
. italy - for views
. australia - i can only dream
. united states of america - kill the president
. russia - bant
which of my 'achievements' am i most proud of?
. finishing the guitar hero game
. completing any sort of homework during high school or college
. sorting my life out a little
. keeping myself sane for this long
what is my favourite smell?
. guilian chocolate
. freshly cut grass
. old people
. you
what music genre do i secretly like?
. country
. ballads/hiphop
. rap
. screamo
whats my favourite flavour of icecream?
. hazelnut
. coconut
. raspberry
. kinder beuno chocolate