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Who's my second husband?
. Tom Hiddleston
. Ezra Miller
. Martin Freeman
. Eddie Redmayne
Who's my second husband
. Eddie Redmayne
. Tom Hiddleston
. Martin Freeman
. Ezra Miller
What's my favourite food?
. Sushi
. Benedict's DICK
. Beef Tenderloin
If i could go back in time to do something what would i do?
. Eat as much bonchon as possible
. Go to the Adam Lambert concert in Bali
. Study more for my geo exam
What's my go to drink?
. Water
. Ice-lemon tea
. Mango juice
. Coca-cola
My most embarrassing moment?
. My talent show voice crack
. That time i slapped Andie's ass
. My stomach rumbling really loud during an exam ibu bindu was supervising
. practically every time i talk to people
Favourite band
. Arctic Monkeys
. Pink Floyd
. Queen
. The Killers
What's my biggest pet peeve
. The confusion of (to/too) and (your/you're)
. Someone leaving the door open
. Someone eating with their mouth open
. People standing in the way
What can't i stand?
. Crying children
. The feeling of chalk
. Wearing wet socks
. my god damn broken chair
What i want as my first job
. H&M
. Periplus
. Starbucks
What's my fallback plan when i become a failed novellist
. Stripper
. Starbucks
. Work at buzzfeed
. Marry a rich guy
What do i always wish i could do
. Play violin
. Ballet
. Keep a plant alive
. math lmao