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- How well do u now me.

Let's check who knows me the best.

What superpower will I choose.
. Time traveling
. Read minds
. Invisibility
What would I prefer to do in a Friday night.
. Sleep
. Watch movies
. Play video games
What's my fav pastime.
. Playing games.
. Reading books
. Playing Cricket.
What would I do when I m with my friends.
. Share secrets.
. Make fun of them.
. Study.
What's my dream of life.
. To rule the whole world.
. To become the most famous person.
. To become the richest.
Who inspires me the most.
. APJ Abdul Kalam.
. Albert Einstein
. Nicola Tesla.
Who is my fav cricketer.
. Ricky Ponting.
What would I choose??
. Money.
. Love.
. Fame.
What would I actually read.
. Autobiographies
. Science fictions.
. Anything new and tactful.
My fav fast food.
. Burger.
. Pizza
. French fries.
What would I prefer as a pet.
. Dog
. Cat
. Both.
What's my way to live life.
. Think for the consequences and act accordingly.
. Live the present moment to the fullest.
. Learn from my mistakes.
What's my lucky no.
. 45
. 11
. 14