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- How much you know me

To know how much my partner knows me

My best wish ?
. Get a Job
. Go to abroad
. To get stuck at an Ireland
. Earn lot of money
Basic philosophy of my life ?
. Live and let live.
. Do not let anybody get hurt because of you.
. Love each and every person.
. Give respect and take respect.
What would constitute a perfect day for you?
. Silence with small animals around you.
. Playing with kids.
. Observing the nature like water .
. All of the above.
My favourite movie ?
. Rehna hai tere dil me.
. Awarapan
. The Notebook
. Both A & B .
Best relationship in the world for me ?
. Friendship.
. Love
. Daughter and mom
. Brother and sister.
Complete this sentence
"I wish I had someone with whom I could share..."
. My silence and he would have converted it into words.
. My feeling out .
. My weakness without any judgment.
. My fears and strength.
What romance means to me ?
. Gazing in eachothers eyes.
. Kissing
. Playing on bed.
. Touching my mind with words but it gets my body on fire.