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- How well do you know me?

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What is my dream honeymoon destination?
. Greece
. Paris
. Switzerland
. Prague
What is my favourite thing to drink?
. Coffee
. Coke
. Iced tea
. Juice
Which is my favourite restaurant?
. The Big chill cafe
. Cafe Delhi Heights
. Fig & Maple
. Yum Yum Cha
Which is the most sensitive part of my body?
. Waist
. Thighs
. Neck and shoulders
. Back
How are my hair naturally?
. Curly
. Straight
What is my idea of an ideal date?
. Movie
. Good food and fun
. Long drive
. Candle light dinner
What do I fear the most?
. Cockroaches
. Lizards
. Mouse
. Butterflies
Who do I love the most?
. Ansh
. Jordan