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- How well do you know me

How well do you know me

What is my go to drink
. Starbucks
. Red leaf
. Dutch bros
. Mr bills
What is my favorite color
. Teel
. Pink
. Blue
. Red
What is my favorite movie?
. Holes
. White chicks
. Venom
. Creed
If I had $20 I would buy..
. Workout clothes
. Food
. Makeup
. Gas
What is my job?
. McDonalds worker
. Alzheimer’s caretaker
. Big 5 retail worker
. Athletes corner
What is my middle name
. Sarah
. Lynne
. Marie
. Anne
What is my life goal?
. To spend time with friends and family
. To find my purpose and live a happy fulfilled life
. To get a high paying job and buy a nice house
. To find the love of my life and get married
My favorite food
. Mashed potatoes
. Bacon
. Pizza
. Waffles
What color are my eyes
. Hazel green
. Brown
. Baby blue
I live with my
. Dad
. Mom
. Parents
. Grandparents