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- How well do you know your girlfriend.

Love For You

What is her favourite instrument?
. Piano
. Violin
. Drum
. Guitar
Where do you think she would like to go?
. Paris
. New York
. London
. Australia
How do you describe her?
. Pretty/cute/loyal/friendly
. playful/funny/stubborn
. clumsy/cute/hard-working
. Emotional/flawless
What kind of gift suit her?
. Teddy bear
. Phone
. Piano
. Watch
How long do you know her?
. 1 year
. 4 months
. 2 years
. More than 2 years
Will you marry her?
. yes
. no
Do you love to talk to her?
. Maybe
. No
. yes
Will you make her happy?
. yes
. no
What will you do if she is upset?
. Comfort her
. Buy her stuffs
. Leave her alone
Lastly, will you willing to change for her?
. Yes, because I love her deep inside my heart and forever will be the same feeling I had towards her.
. No, I am just playing with her feeling and I don't even love her.