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Food Hygeine

What should you always do before you start working with food ?
. Wash hands
. Go for a run
What should you do before you start working with food ?
. Wash hands
. Have a coffee
. Go for a run
When should you wash your hands / gloves ?
. At the end of the day
. Never
. Every 10 minutes
. Before you start your shift, after going to the toilet, after every break, after touching a cut, after touching bins, after cleaning, after touching the till, phones, switches, money, after sneezing, couching or eating
. When you get home
What do we mean by the term cross-contamination ?
. Not putting away equipment
. Cooking temperatures ?
. process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance or object to another, with harmful effect.
Why is it important to wear clean clothes when working with food and change into your uniform when you arrive and take it off before you leave ?
. Clothes can contain bacteria
. It is important because it give a professional image for the shop
. It does not matter if you wear your uniform outside Iof work
Why should staff not wear watches or jewellery ?
. It don’t not look professional
. They can collect bacteria
. Incase you loose them
Staff should not drink or eat or chew gum while handling food, the touching of their face or Jose or couching and sneezing should be avoided, and wash hands if you do. Why is this important ?
. Because it does not look professional
. Because it will waste time
. It can spread harmful bacteria
Staff should be fit for work at all times. This means they must not be suffering from, or carrying an illness or disease. Any member of staff with diarrhoea or vomiting should report to their manager and go home immediately. They should not return for 48
. One year
. 1 week
. 48 hours
Any re-usualble clothes should be fresh at all times. After use wash them with soapy water and sterilise them, either by washing machine , boiling water or any disinfectant. Why ?
. They can spread bacteria
. The look unprofessional
. They may begin to tear
What oil do we use to fry the chops ?
. Sunflour oil
. Lard
If someone asks if a food conactains a certain ingredient, what should you never do ?
. Never show them the bottle
. Never guess
When you have been asked for a product that does not contain a certain food, make sure the work surface and equipment have been thoroughly washed first, hands are washed , gloves changed. This one is not a question 😆
. Im stupid
. Im stupider
What should you do if you find any broken equipment?
. Report it immediately
. Throw it in the bin
. Ignore the problem