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Hockey - Stellar Sea Cows

Stellar Sea Cows

Stellar Sea Cows were discovered in:
. 1848
. 1768
. 1741
. 1841
Stellar Sea Cows were discovered by:
. Georg Wilgelm Stellar
. Anthony Stellar
. Stella Bradshaw
. Georg Steeple
Stellar Sea Cows could grow up to 34.5 feet long.
. True
. False
The following is NOT something hunters used the Stellar Sea Cow for:
. Used hides for making boats.
. Used fat for oil lamps.
. Used meat for food.
. Used hides for making clothes.
The Stellar Sea Cow went extinct how many years after its initial discovery?
. 30 years.
. 30 months.
. 27 years.
. 27 months.