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who you are - which sonic character are you?

do you have a happy heart like sonic's, or no heart at all like eggman? find out here!

what would you do in your spare time?
. go and save the world!
. go and find out my past. EVERYONE'S BEEN LYING TO ME!!!
. save the future. i hate the un-saved version
. go and try to hug the person i like
you are invincible. what do you do now?
. thwart dark gaia!
. kill the iblis trigger!
. make the person i love love me
. kick black doom in the face.
which one of these is most like your soul enemy?
. eggman
. black doom
. iblis
which of these is your weapon?
. psychokinekisis
. my speed
. my hammer
out of these your catchphrase is:
. psychokinekisis!
. i'm waiting!
. chaos... CONTROL!