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Practice Test - Faith & Risen Notes

Quiz to Study the Faith & Risen Notes For the Talk Show

What does the F in Faith stand for?

. Full Confidence that God exists makes the big bang possible
. Full Confidence that God exists makes miracles possible
. Farting penguins are fake
The universe's ____________ and _______________ point to God.
. Freedom and loyalty
. Complexity and greif
. origin and functoins
. origin and complexity
Whatever had a beginning had a ___________.
. cause
. banger
. mom
. dad
Who made God?
. No one, he is the beginning. He is eternal and uncreated.
. The Big Bang
. A comet created him
If ________ ____ exists, there is a moral law maker.
. bugs bunny
. moral rights
. moral law
Every Miracle MUST have what?
. a miracler
. Jesus
. a natural explanation
. evidence
Which do skeptics NOT believe?
. Jesus was crucified
. After he was crucified, he was seen alive.
. Diciples changed the course and purpose of their lives.
. Jesus' body was stolen
What supports Jesus' miracles?
. The Theory of Evolution
. The Evidence of the Big Bang
. The historical accuracy of the Bible.
What supports scripture?
. Archeology
. Books
. Maps
What is NOT one of the 5 E's?
. Embarassing
. eyewittness
. Early
. Expectant
. Emotional
R stands for:
______________ and trustworthy historical text.
. Real
. roudy
. Reliable
I stands for:
_______________ eyewittness accounts
. Insufficent
. Interesting
. Independant
Who were once skeptics but turned to disciples?
. Saul and Peter
. Paul and John
. Peter and Matthew
. Paul and James
Supporting details ______________ resurrection
. affirm
. correct
. show
. help
Why would the disciples be willing to ___________ and ______ for a known lie?
. Kill and hate
. help and support
. suffer and heal
. suffer and die
Why would skeptics like James and Paul undergo a radical transformation?
. People took Jesus' body
. The saw him dead
. the saw him risen from the dead
. they helped bury him.
E :
_________________, _________________ tomb.
. Early, empty
. embarassing, empty
. killed, forgotten.
Who buried Jesus?
. the disciples
. Mary and Joseph
. Joseph of Sanhedrin
No early 1st century writings _________________ the Gospel accounts of Jesus' ____________ and resurrection.
. contradict, death
. help, demolish
. ignore, dispute
What is NOT a fact which is not in dispute?
. Jesus died by Roman crucifixion
. He was buried in a private tomb
. Jesus' tomb was found empty
. The disciples Believed they actually saw Jesus risen from the dead.
. Sunday became the day of worship
. Saul (Paul) believed jesus was stolen
. Paul believed he saw Jesus risen and converted