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weirdness! - Do You Know Nadine?

take this quiz to find out how well you know Nadine!

If Nadine was choking on peanuts, what would she say?
. *cough* I sucked my nuts! *cough*
. *cough cough cough cough*
. Water! *breathes in* Water!
How does Nadine laugh in text?
. Lol
. Rofl
. Aha
. Haha
How does nadine say sorry?
. I apologize.
. Sowwy or Sorries!
. Uh, by saying "sorry"?
. I feel bad for you.
What is Nadine OBSESSED with?
. Chocolate!
. Shoes!
. Accessories!
. Makeup!
How does Nadine usually say her last name?
. uh, what ever her last name is?
. Eyes-Of-A-Hawk!
. Rose? is rose right?
. i don't know her last name!
Who does Nadine always blame?
. JUSTIN. >.>
. her madre!
. YOU.
. IDK.
How does Nadine threaten someone?
. Don't MAKE me slap you into a different nationality!
. I'm going to tell my mommy on you!
. She doesn't threaten anyone, she's nice....or is she? O_o
. Ima PuNcH YoU s0 H@rD Th@t Y0u Will F0rGet Wh@t Y0ur 0wN N@mE i5.
What is Nadine's MOST EMBARRASSING moment?
. when she tripped while dancing in front of the whole school
. when she forgot her name while talking to someone
. when her grandma came on the school bus to give her a waterbottle that she already had
. when she scored for the wrong team in basketball
Who was Nadine's bodygaurd in 7th grade?
. Bob!
. Steve!
. Henry!
. Mario!
What is her favorite type of animal?
. Pandas!
. Lions!
. Whales!
. Dolphins!