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Hinduism - Hinduism Worship

how much have you learnt from today lesson?

Name the holy book...
. Vedas
. TeNaCh
. Qur'an
what god/goddess is associated with Diwali
. Ganesh
. Lakshm
. Brahma
What is the Hindu place of worship?
. Mandir
. Gurdwara
. Synagogue
How many Gods are in Hinduism?
. 5
. over 100
. 1
There are set services in the place of worship..
. True
. Flase
Holi is the festival of...
. light
. colours
. love and peace
Diwali is the festival of...
. light
. colour
. love and peace
What is the country of origin of Hinduism?
. Israel
. Saudi Arabia
. India