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Goodluck, MHR29 addicts.

Ano ang tunay na pangalan ng main character ng Hopeless Love?
. Aaliyah Marie Ramosa
. Aaliyah Mae Ramosa
. Aaliyah Mae Ramoza
Sino ang certified NGSB but he managed to conquer his torpe-ness fo the sake of his ladylove?
. Paul
. Miggy
. Renzo
Anung year in high school nagsimula ang kwentong Hopeless Love?
. 1st year
. 2nd year
. 3rd year
Demi doesn't want Aaron. Why is that?
. Ayaw ni Demi na mag-aaway silang mag-BFF dahil gusto ni Aaliyah si Aaron.
. Aaron is a self-confessed emo.
. Demi doesn't want to enter in a relationship yet.
Did Paul gave Aaliyah a gift?
. Yes
. No
If yes, what was the gift?
. Rabbit
. Necklace
. Bracelet
Who is Aaliyah's first dance?
. Paul
. Miggy
. Aaron
Kaninong pakana ang crazy little purple papers?
. Paul
. Aaron
. Miggy
Sino si Nelle sa buhay ni Paul?
. Stalker ni Paul
. Pinsan ni Paul
. Puppy Love ni Paul
Kailan ang birthday ni Aaliyah?
. March 28
. April 29
. March 29