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bank exam - Humanities Practice Quiz

Instructions: Read the questions below and write your best answer. EDUCATIONAL GUESSING ONLY.

 A.- A sequence of shots so they can overlap is  

 B.- The characters voice is heard while not appearing in the scene  

 C.- Inside would be an example of  

 D.- Outside would be an example of  

 E.- to create a gradual appearing of the next scene.  

 F.- The gradual disappearing of a scene means to  

 G.- means changing the view point from one camera to another.  

 H.- Please the last scene we recorded.  

 I.- A Point-of-view will show to help the audience identify and understand that character.  

 J.- The written work of the movie, Avatar is a  

 K.- A It's a camera shot that moves from side to side.  

 L.- By revealing an information it's an example of wich can be given to characters or to the audience without some characters knowing  

 M.- An means two events together  

 N.- Anything that happens,  

 O.- An Antagonist is a character who tries to stop the from getting what they want.  

 P.- There are 3 types, wich are Parenthetical  

 Q.- is a speech between two or more characters.  

 R.- Ana is going to be the wich it means it's her story now.  

 S.- An example of an internal speech is  

 T.- A monologue is a by one character, to self, other characters of audience.