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Work exprience - Work experience Preparation Final Test

This test is to be undertaken at the conclusion of the work experience preparation unit.

Sam does not have his Workplace Learning and Agreement form completed yet. He can:
. Get the formed signed by the supervisor on the first day and then send it in to school
. Not attend work experience until signed by all parties and submitted to school
. Not worry about the form, the supervisor said he doesn't need it anyway
. Not worry about it at all and take and extra week of holidays
What is the purpose of work experience?
. To have a week off from school.
. To make some money for the holidays.
. To see what a particular job is about.
. To try out for a part-time job
The supervisor's report is:
. To give the boss something to do on Friday afternoon
. Counted toward your SACE
. Useful when applying for jobs
. Not important to complete
Confidentiality can be an important issue that arises on work experience. Confidentiality is important:
. In any industry so you should check with your supervisor if you are unsure
. Only important if you are in a medical or allied health placement
. But you don't have to worry because you won't be told anything confidential
. But your supervisor will always explicitly tell you if something is confidential
Sexual harassment:
. Is not really a big deal
. Is defined by the recipient
. Is only when a male harassess a female
Bullying is:
. A part of life and people should just deal with it
. Just a bit of fun and shouldn't be taken seriously
. Is illegal and students, employees and companies can be prosecuted for it
Harry fell and broke his arm after the third day of work experience.
. He should just forget about work experience, worry about getting better and enjoy an early start to the holidays.
. He should notify the workplace that he won't be in for the rest of the week.
. He should tell the school that he won't be at work experience for the rest of the week.
. He should notify the school and the workplace that w won't be able to finish his placement
Work experience should be:
. Making coffee, sweeping floors and other menial tasks that no one else wants to do
. Getting in and having a go
. Watching, listening and asking questions when appropirate
. Giving the boss a fresh insight and some new ideas
James has been working alongside the third year apprentice at work experience. The apprentice has been calling him names and making jokes about him James is feeling uncomfortable about working with the apprentice.
. James should just ignore it as it is ony for 5 days
. James should try to make the apprentice look bad to get back at him
. James should ask the apprentice to stop and report the matter to his supervisor
Chris was doing his work experience in a shop. The boss was very happy with his work and offers him a free pair of shoes for all his hard work during the week. Chris should:
. Thank the boss but refuse the offer
. Thank the boss and take the shoes
. Thank the boss but ask for cash instead
Edward was helping to prepare for the sale being held in the store he was doing work experience in next week.Edward told his mate about a particular item that would be on sale next week.
. Edward did nothing wrong because the catalogue would be out in 2 days and heaps of people knew already anyway
. Edward should not have shared the informtion as it was confidential
. Edward shouldn't have shared the inforamtion but it was only one friend and he wouldn't tell anyone
How many work related deaths were there in Australia in the 2009/2010 financial year?
. 20
. 76
. 124
. 253
Not all fatalities in the workplace involve workers. How many work-related fatalities in the 2009/2010 financial year were bystanders?
. 2
. 13
. 27
. 41
Simon was excited to gain a placement with a construction company for work experience week. He was keen and eager to please and took on many jobs during the week. On the third day he was asked to get on a roof, lean over the edge and help to guide a piece
. Wear a hard hat and gloves
. Ask for a rope
. Make sure he is on a solid bit of roof
. Refuse to do the job
Ben recieved a glowing report following his work experience. It is likely that the supervisor was impressed by:
. his punctuality, grooming, reliability and interest in the business
. his abilitiy to get in and do jobs, think of new ideas and help teach the older staff how to do things on the computers
. his ability to make new friends, ask questions, talk to clients and improve systems and processes
Harassment can include:
. asking someone to do all the boring jobs
. rude jokes, exclusion, and mimicking someone
. a small group of people getting together and not inviting everyone else
Josh was injured during work experience when he had an unfortunate incident with a stanley knife. Josh completed all of the appropriate paperwork...
. but his parents should have personal accident insurance
. and is therefore covered by the school's insurance and the business's public liability insurance
. but dosen't need insurance because he will just sue for damages
Tom noticed an exposed piece of metal that was very sharp during his work experience. Tom's responsibility as a work experience student is:
. Wear protective gloves for the rest of the week
. Make sure he doesn't forget that it's there and cut himself
. To leave it to someone being paid to worry about
. Report it as a hazard to the supervisor
David was shown the standard operating procedures for operating the box crusher. After two days of using it David had worked out a faster way to crush all the boxes. He should...
. keep doing it the slower way
. use the new way to impress the boss
. teach the other workers how to do it the faster way
When lifting an awkward or heavy load you should:
. hold your breath, lift with your arms and keep the load close to your body
. square your shoulders and hips, grunt loudly and hold your breath
. keep your back straight, lift with your legs and keep the load close to your body
. square your shoulders and hips, lift with your arms and grunt loudly
You will recieve a copy of the workplace learning agreement form to keep before you go on work experience. This is important because:
. it tells you what time your lunch break is
. it tells you the address of the company
. it tells you what to wear
. all of the above
Which of the following are all workplace hazards?
. Ventilation, working alone and noise
. Organisms, hard work and discrimination
. Fatigue, early mornings and manual handling
. Machinery, drugs and no pay
Jarred's work experience is in a hotel. The learning agreement form said he should wear black pants and a white shirt. Jarred though this was a bit boring so he wore a nice red business shirt instead. The supervisor should:
. contact his parents and the school and send him home
. commend him on his style and good taste
. ignore him
Brad was really enjoying his work placement and got along well with everyone. The other young guys working there often swore, especially in the break room. Brad should:
. also swear as it is obviously acceptable and it will help him be one of the guys
. tell the boss because they really shouldn't swear infront of a school student
. realise that this is what all workplaces are like
. join in conversations but ensure that he doesn't swear himself
It was a regular occurance for staff to finish early on a Friday afternoon and have some drinks and nibbles. Karl was told the day before that he would be welcome to attend as he had worked hard that week. Karl should:
. go along and have a beer with the guys he has worked with that week
. go along if he feels comfortable, have a soft drink and take the opportunity to thank them for having him
. go along and make the most of the free food