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Nursing - NMIH104 Study

Get ready for a crazy study party, yay!

What is a prion?
. A defective form of protein molecule
. A prokaryotic organism with replicating abilities
. Another name for a bacteria, fungi and yeast supplement
. A eukaryotic organism that is metabolically dependant on a host cell
What are the main defining characteristics for eukaryotes?
. Cells lack nuclear membrane and organelles
. Cells possess nuclear membrane and organelles
. Are human only
. Have a nucleus
What are three diseases caused by bacteria?
. MRSA, AIDS and tuberculosis
. MRSA, diptheria and pneumonia
. MRSA, malaria and thrush
. Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, MRSA and AIDS
Which microbe has a cell wall AND organelles?
. Bacteria
. Protozoan
. Prion
. Fungi
What is the third link in the chain of infection, beginning with 'Infectious agent'?
. Portal of exit
. Portal of entry
. Reservoir
. Susceptible host
Which of the following is NOT a requirement for an effective team?
. Roles and relationships are accepted and understood
. Respecting most values, personalities and skills
. Mutual support, openness and trust
. Expectations and accomplishments are high
Which disease causes a thick covering in the back of the throat?
. Measles
. Diptheria
. Rubella
. Hib
Which bacterium causes tuberculosis?
. Streptococcus pyogenes
. Staphylococcus aureus
. Cornybacterium
. Mycobacterium
Which of the following is NOT true about manual handling?
. Manual handling is a major cause of workplace injury and disease in the health industry
. Many manual handling injuries are not preventable
. Injuries arising from manual handling may be acute or chronic
. Back injuries such as sprains and strains are the most common manual handling injuries
Which of the following changes little as a result of ageing?
. Kidney functioning
. Peristalsis
. Erythrocytes and it's functioning ability
. Appetite
Which of the following is the proper term for bedwetting?
. Diuresis
. Enuresis
. Anuria
. Diuretic
Which of the following is not a commensal flora of the skin?
. Staphylococcus
. Staphylococcus epidermis
. Cornybacterium
. Propionibacterium
A hypodermic needle is injected into the skin. Identify the first integumentary structure through which the needle will pass.
. Reticular layer
. Papillary layer
. Hypodermis
. Epidermis
Which of the following layers of the skin relies on capillaries in the underlying connective tissue in the dermis for its nutrients?
. Epidermis
. Dermis
. Reticular layer
. Hypodermis
What causes brittle, ridged or spoon-shaped nails?
. Vitamin C deficiency
. Iron deficiency
. Copper deficiency
. Protein deficiency
Which of the following is NOT a function of synovial fluid?
. Shock absorption
. Protection of articular cartilages
. Increases osmotic pressure within joint
. Lubrication
What is the most common skin cancer?
. Basal cell carinoma
. Sequestra
. Squamous cell carcinoma
. Malignant melanoma
A mosquito bite is an example of which types of lesion?
. Macule
. Papule
. Bulla
. Vesicle
What is the primary reason for duller hair in older adults?
. Poor nutrition
. Decreased sebum production
. Wear and tear
. Blocked pores
What is another name for lamellae?
. Honeycomb bone
. Hyaline cartilage
. Bone matrix
. Haversian system
What is the name of the test in which a radiopaque dye is injected into a joint, which can be used for assessment?
. Joint diagnostic
. Computerized tomography
. Fluroscopy
. Arthrogram
What are bursae?
. Small synovial fluid-filled cavities
. Dead bone
. Cylinders of concentric tubes of bone matrix
. Cartilaginous tissue that can grow from the joint capsul to form a pad
What is the name of the pain commonly caused by kidney stones?
. Dysuria
. Renal colic
. Renal ptosis
. Renal impairment
What is the name of the process in which blood is filtered outside one's body?
. Peritoneal dialysis
. Haemodialysis
. Active reabsorption
. Urinalysis
Paramyxovirus causes which human diseases?
. Tetanus and measles
. Mumps and measles
. Hib and rubella
. Hepatitis and diptheria