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Time management - Top 10 Time Management Mistakes

How many of the top 10 time management mistakes do you make?

Do you check your smart phone (blackberry, iphone, android, etc.) every time an email comes in?
. Yes
. No
Do you take care of the most urgent thing first, or the most important one?
. Urgent
. Important
Do you sleep enough every night (i.e. you wake up in the morning refreshed, having slept 7-9 hours)?
. Yes
. No
Do you use a daily task or to-do list?
. Every day
. Sometimes yes, sometimes no
. Rarely or never
Do you take regular time to take a step back and assess the "big picture" in your work and/or your life?
. Yes
. No
Do you take time to play and relax on a regular basis, or does work and/or obligations dominate your life?
. I regularly make time to play and relax
. My life is more all work, little fun
Do you know which are the time management tools (iPhone vs. Blackberry, paper vs. electronic calendar, etc.) that work for you, and what is your organizing style?
. Yes
. Not sure
. No
Do you have set processes, procedures and routines for the things you do on a regular basis (for instance, a checklist for travel planning if you travel often; a routine for your chores; a procedure on how to prepare a proposal)?
. Yes
. No
Do you delegate everything you can?
. Always
. Yes. I hate doing things that someone else can do for me
. As much as I can, but there aren't many things I can delegate
. As much as I can, but I don't have people to delegate to
Do you have contingency plans for emergencies, such as you having the flu when a deadline is coming up, or a child being sick the day you have an important meeting at work?
. Yes
. No