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c++ - Giga C++ test

Giga C++ test

What can be used for resource access synchronization by threads running on remote machines?
. Semaphore
. Mutex
. Critical Section
. Nothing of above is right
What is the most true answer for ?what Thread.Sleep(0) will cause??
. Current thread will sleep for a moment
. Another thread will get a CPU time
. Current thread will sleep for infinite time
. Nothing of above is right
What is a mutable member?
. A member that can be modified by non-member function
. One that can be modified by the class even when the object of the class or the member function doing the modification is const
. mutable keyword is intended to prevent the compiler from applying any optimizations on the code that assume values of variables cannot change "on their own." Mutable member is used for optimization and/or threading mutable keyword
. Non of above answer are right
What does the statement #include <iostream.h> do ?
. It defines the function iostream.h
. It tells the compiler where the program begins
. It defines the words TRUE and FALSE
. It tells the preprocessor to treat the contents of a specified file as if those contents had appeared in the source program at the point where the directive appears.