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coolness - sonic quiz

test your sonic knowledge

when did sonic the hedgehog first appear?
. 1993
. 1991
. 1992
. 1989
. 1996
What game did metal sonic first appear?
. Sonic the hedgehog 3
. sonic shuffle
. Sonic CD
. sonic adventure
. sonic and knuckles
Who is NOT playable in Sonic Adventure DX?
. Big the Cat
. Amy Rose
. Shadow the Hedgehog
. Omega
. E-102 Gamma
What game was super sonic's first appearance?
. Sonic the hedgehog
. Sonic CD
. Sonic shuffle
. sonic the hedgehog 2
. Sonic 3-D Blast
What was shadow the hedgehog's first game?
. sonic adventure 2 battle
. sonic and knuckles
. sonic labrynth
. Sonic adventure DX
. Sonic adventure 2
How many chaos emeralds are in the first sonic game?
. 4
. 6
. 7
. 5
. 8
What game was the first appearance of the Master emerald?
. Sonic the hedgehog 3
. Sonic adventure
. Sonic and knuckles
. Sonic CD
. sonic spinbal
What sonic game had the first sky stage?
. Sonic the hedgehog 3
. Tail's Sky Patrol
. Sonic the hedgehog 2
. Sonic and knuckles
. Sega's Sonic Arcade
What happens when you achieve an "A" rank on every mission and boss in "Sonic Heroes"
. You unlock "Team Metal Sonic" to play through the levels of "Sonic Team"
. You unlock the true final story!
. You unlock super hard mode
. You unlock a cheat menu to use on any levels to have fun with
. The damage delt by all Teams is now doubled!
In "Sonic Heroes" every Team has their own unique trait after they use a team blast that lasts about 10 seconds right after the team blast is finished. What is Team Dark's unique trait after their team blast is used?
. Shadow's Speed is doubled, Omega's Power is doubled, Rouges flight lasts twice as long
. Team Sonic comes in to help but does less damage
. Everyone becomes immortal becouse of shadow's chaos emerald
. Time freezes becouse of Shadow's time control