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Tv and Personality - Which Nicktoons Character are you?

Do you want to unleash your inner Nicktoons character? Then you've come to the right place

Fisrt thing's first, if you are surrounded in a small room with a lot of cameras in it, what would you do?
. FREAK OUT!!!!!
. Break the stupid things. What idiot wouldn't do that.
. Okay, maybe you'd get a little scared. But after all, you don't get fooled easily.
. Make yourself at home. It will take a long time to get used to.
. Sit on the bed and play with your belly button lint.
. Search for food, because you can't live without food.
. To make sure that all of the cameras are off. You're smart enough to do that.
. Get into hyper mode, and run around. This looks like a jungle gym to you.
If you had to eat anything in the world, what would it be?
. Wood, wood and more wood with a yahoo to drink with it.
. I don't care, as long it's good.
. Duh, I'm a beaver, and beavers eat wood.
. Anything healthy.
. I eat anything that I could find. I even eat things off the ground sometimes.
. I like to eat everything. I love food altogether.
. Mainly seafood.
. Garbage, moldy meats, and fatning foods.
If you had a favorite sport, what would it be?
. Idk, playing with childish toys.
. Sports are for simpletons. What kind of a fool would play that crud.
. I'm going to say swimming and soccer.
. I actually don't play that much sports.
. I like coughing up hairballs.
. Does eating count as a sport?
. Anything that's not too rough.
. I play lots of sports. I like running around in circles.