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computer - General Computer Quiz

A Quiz about Computers. How much do you know?

Which of the following is NOT an output device?
. Keyboard
. Monitor
. Modem
. Mouse
1MB is equal to how much?
. 1024GB
. 1024KB
. 1KB
. 1024B
Which one is fastest?
. 100MHz
. 1.0ghz
. 2.0ghz
. 1.0Mhz
What does RAM mean?
. Random Access Memory
. Raw Archive Measure
. Rich Account Match
. Random Archive Memory
What key combination will bring up the task manager in Windows?
. Ctrl+Alt+Del
. Shift+Enter+Tab
. Backspace+Spacebar+Home
. Caps+Ctrl+Alt
Which of the following can a Computer Mouse NOT do?
. Click
. Scroll
. Right click
. Back Click
The parts of your Computer are located inside of what?
. Shell
. Case
. Monitor
. Keyboard
What does CPU stand for?
. Computer Processing Unit
. Central Processing Unit
. Controlled Power Unit
. Cancel Program Unite
What does GPU mean?
. Gaming Power Unit
. Gene Processing Unit
. Garbage Pile Unit
. Graphics Processing Unit
What does BSOD mean?
. Back side of desk
. Blue Screen of Death
. Balance System Onward Dense