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Harry Potter - Which Harry Potter House Would You Be Sorted In?

Answer a few questions and find out where the Sorting Hat would sort you!

There are two doors, do you choose the one on the left or right?
. Left
. Right
What class is your favorite in Hogwarts?
. Mythical Creatures
. Potions
. Dueling
. I'm in it for the Quidditch! Bring it on!
. All of them
Your friend is miserable during an exam because he didn't study. What do you do?
. Pass on an extra one of your cheat sheets, he'd be lost without you.
. Whisper him a hint. That's what a good friend would do, you aren't actually giving him the answer after all.
. Nothing! It's his fault for not studying for such an important test!
Your friend on the Quidditch team wants you to join, what do you do?
. Of course I join! I'm brave enough, and I'm great at sports!
. I'm not so sure, I'm more into academics than Quidditch... I'd fall right of off the broom! Still, I'd attend every game to cheer my friend on.
. I would join, and show my friend who's boss. I'm way better than him!
. Sure, I'd love to. It'd be fun with my friends.
What do your friends call you?
. They do everything I say, they call me whatever I want them to.
. Brave, but I try to stay humble.
. Smart, mysterious at times.
. Funny, weird, and a great friend!
Click "Correct this test or quiz." If you scored 0-6 points, you're a Ravenclaw! 7-14 is... Hufflepuff! If you scored 15-24 points, congratulations, Gryffindor! And finally, 25-33.5 points, you are pure Slytherin.
. I think I'll get Ravenclaw.
. Maybe I'll get Hufflepuff.
. I'll be Gryffindor!
. Slytherin, I hope I get Slytherin!!