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Protozoan - The Viscious Lifecycle of Plasmodium vivax - Quiz

This short quiz sums up your learning of the Lifecycle of Plasmodium vivax. You can use the scores of this quiz to guide your level of understanding in the topic and work your way accordingly.

Which of the following physical states correctly represent the form in which the Plasmodium vivax initially enters the human host?
. Sporozoite
. Merozoite
. Gametocyte
. Trophozoite
The process of rapid cell division in which the sporozoites form merozoites is known as
. Sporogony
. Schizony
. Fission
. Gametogenesis
Identify the location where schizony occurs?
. Liver
. Kidneys
. Erythrocyte
. Bloodstream
Haemolysis is a process where the erythrocytes or red blood cells burst. In the lifecycle of Plasmodium vivax, this process is responsible in the formation of ______________
. Merozoites
. Schizonts
. Ring Trophozoite and Merozoites
. Gametocyte
One of the most lethal malarial symptoms include Liver failure. Which of the following correctly relates to this statement?
. Hemolysis
. Hepatic cell lysis
. Release of toxins by Merozoites
. Accumaltion of Sporozoites in the Liver
The product of fertilization of the microgametes in the gut of the anopheles mosquito is ___________
. sporozoites
. merozoites
. trophozoites
. oocysts
Where does the ring-stage of the Plasmodium vivax form?
. Hepatic Cells
. Mosquito gut
. Bloodstream
. Erythrocyte
Which of the following correctly traces the Lifecycle of Plasmodium vivax in the female anopheles mosquito?
. 1. Formation of gametes 2. Fertilization 3. Sporogony
. 1. Sporogony 2. Formation of gametes 3. Fertilization
. 1. Fertilization 2. Sporogony 3. Formation of Gametes
. 1. Formation of gametes 2. Sporogony 3. Fertilization
The female anopheles mosquito 'picks up' __________ from an infected individual.
. Sporozoite
. Merozoite
. Gametocytes
. Oocysts
The difference between the various physical forms of plasmodium vivax such as the sporozoite stage, merozoite stage and so forth can be distinguished by ______________
. the cell size
. the site of development or transformation
. the nuclear differences
. the structure