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Personality - GPOD, this is your life.

GPOD members evaluate their lives.

How are your family and friends?
. Couldn't ask for better, they mean a lot to me.
. They're cool.
. They're ok, we have some issues.
. Not good, we have serious issues.
. I have none (or don't keep in touch) and it makes me sad.
. Not great, but honestly I don't care.
How is your health?
. Excellent, I am a picture of health and my body is attractive.
. Pretty good, room for improvement.
. Not great, could cut back on a few vices, should really diet or go to gym.
. I am far from healthy... could be a lot worse though.
. Terrible, I am pretty damn unhealthy.
. Not great, but honestly I don't care.
How is your job and money situation?
. Amazing job and I'm very well paid.
. Good job, good money.
. Good job, shit money.
. Shit job, good money
. Average job, average money.
. Shit job, shit money. This sucks.
. I fucking hate my job.
. Unemployed and it makes me sad.
. Unemployed/shit job but honestly I don't care.
How is your living situation?
. Amazing household, couldn't be better.
. Pretty good, not quite where I'd like to be though.
. Average, can't complain too much but wish it was better.
. Poor, wan't something better for myself.
. God awful, I hate this fucking place.
. Not great, but honestly I don't care.
How is your love life?
. Married or in a long term relationship with my perfect partner.
. New(ish) relationship, looking good so far.
. Good relationship, we have problems that need working on.
. Good relationship, but I have serious doubts.
. Destructive/unhappy relationship, I want out.
. Single, forever alone and it kills me.
. Single and loving it!
. Single, but honestly I just don't care.