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computer - multimedia

intro to multimedia test numero uno

what is an example of linear multimedia?
. live music
. video games
. soup beans
. CD's
what is a example of non-linear multimedia?
. live music
. video games
. tube socks
. movies
which is a multimedia application?
. education
. cereal
. welding
. none of the above
what is the first stage of multimedia application development?
. planning and costing
. testing
. delivering
. pirate boat
which is NOT a part of the planning and costing table?
. music
. ideas or needs
. golf
. video
is commercial a mulimedia application type?
. yes
. no
is education a multimedia application type?
. yes
. no
what are the categories of multimedia
. linear and non-linear
. linear and non-square
. box ghost
. linear
text, sound, video, animation, and graphics are the types of multimedia?
. no
. yes
do you like this class
. yes
. yes sir
. i love it
. no