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computer - Multimedia

Lol MultiMEDIA Lol

What are the Five Elements of Multimedia?
. Text,Sound,Video,Animation,Graphics
. Music,Voice,Sight,Touch,Feeling
. Touch,Smell,Taste,Sight,Hearing
. All of the above
An Example of Sound would be...
. A documentary of Mangoes
. Music
. Corn
. All of the Above
An Example of Nonlinear Multimedia would be...
. A Movie Theater
. Live T.V.
. A Concert
. YouTube
Is Austin Payne,An example of Linear or Nonlinear
. Linear
. Nonlinear
. Undetermined
. He is pretty cute.
An Example of Multimedia Applications
. Corn
. Windows
. Creative Industries
. Adobe
What are the Catagories of Multimedia?
. Linear/Nonlinear
. Austin Payne
. Love/Hate