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computer - Multimedia

Intro to multimedia

What are the two categories of multimedia?
. Linear & Nonlinear
. Linear & recorded
. Nonlinear & recorded
. Nonlinear & presentations
Which of the following were computer visionaries?
. Barrack Obama
. Sam Walton
. Henery Ford
. Steve Jobs
Which is a feature of multimedia?
. Presentations
. Computers
. Printers
. Cell Phones
Which are applications of multimedia?
. Text
. Sound
. Graphics
. All of the above
An area where multimedia is used is Education?
. False
. True
What was Steve Jobs?
. Carpenter
. Gardeder
. Computer Visionary
. U.S. President
What is an example of linear multimedia?
. C-D Player
. Concert
. D-V-D Player
. Radio
An example of nonlinear multimedia?
. Concert
. A Play
. C-D Player
. Movie Theatre
What is the use of several different types of media to convey information and to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way
. Multimedia
. Linear
. Presentation
. Graphics