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eduction - Drug and Alcohol Test

Mrs. McCreery's 7th grade Drug and Alcohol test.

Which of the following is NOT an illegal drug?
. Marijana
. Pseudophepherine
. Cocaine
. Methamphetimine
Is Alcohol considered a drug?
. Yes
. No
3. True or False: 35% of all crashes in North Carolina is from drunken or impaired drivers.
. True
. False
. I don't know, please teach me.
4. What is the legal age for drinking in the United States?
. 18
. 16
. 25
. 21
5. What will happen if I ever drink and drive, use illegal drugs, or talk back to my momma?
. Mrs. McCreery will beat me
. I could possibly kill someone
. I will go to jail
. All of the above!