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Elder Scrolls - The Official Elder Scrolls III-V Test

Test your TES knowledge.

 A.- Oblivion: In order to start the Knights of the Nine DLC, you must speak with a prophet in the city of .  

 B.- Oblivion: The first Oblivion Gate you encounter is outside of the ruined city of .  

 C.- Oblivion: Emperor Uriel Septim the is assassinated early in the game.  

 D.- Morrowind: featured Desele's House of Earthly Delights.  

 E.- Morrowind: is the only town with a mine named after it.  

 F.- Morrowind: The first building you enter where you meet Socucius Ergalla is called the and Excise office and is located in Seyda Neen.  

 G.- Morrowind: live in Vvardenfell's wilderness and are divided among four clans or tribes.  

 H.- Morrowind: There are two forms of Intervention spells that allow you to teleport. Intervention teleports you to the nearest Tribunal temple.  

 I.- Morrowind: Dagoth Ur is known as the House.  

 J.- Morrowind: This body of water called the borders Vvardenfell to the north.  

 K.- Morrowind: Jobasha's Rare Books is a shop in the Quarter of Vivec.