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weirdness! - Is your Christmas really MAGICAL?

Have you ever wondered if your christmas is really magical???

Where do you hang your stockings?
. Uuumm....over the fireplace?
. Exactly 5 centimeters below the mantle hanging at a 60 degree angle and in alphabetical order
. Right next to the unicorn, DUH?!
. Stockings are SO overrated. We use death traps instead >:)
Around when do you put up your Christmas tree?
. December 23rd at precisly 6:00pm
. Usually right after Thanksgiving
. Idk...sometime before Christmas
. Right between leprochon day and Dragon week
How does your tree usually look when it's been decorated?
. Like the Christmas tree's at the mall
. Like an explosion or ornaments and tinsel hit it
. Oh you know...just a regular old tree...
. Like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree!
How many decorations do you put up around your house?
. Eh...we put up some outside but that's about it
. Usually we have the most around the living room and kitchen
. The decorations must go EVERYWHERE!!!!
. You mean, theirs decorations besides the tree?
Do you bake traditional sugar cookies?
. Ew.
. Yeah, a little for the family
. I don't bake. ever.
. OF COURSE!!! We bake cookies for the neighbors, for our relatives, for friends, for random people we see on the street...
When baking the traditional cookies, how long does it take you?
. 2 hours, at least
. Didn't you pay attention to my last answer?? I DON'T BAKE COOKIES!
. Maybe 30 minutes...
. Idk my mom does all the baking
About how many people do you buy gifts for?
. Pshh they all need to be buyin gifts for me!
. Well....if you count all the fairies, leprochons, cyclopses, dragons....
. Usually just 3 or 4 for close family and friends
. Im broke :(
Come Christmas Eve, about how late do you stay up?
. The usual, like 1 am
. I'm always in bed by 10 pm
. Ehh...whenever
. As long as it takes for me to finish wrapping all the gifts
On Christmas morning, what are you most excited about?
. Seeing the look on everyone's face when they open their presents
. Video games!
. The family's finally together :)