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Scienc - Biochemistry

this is a practice test for biochemistry class

The building of smaller molecules into a larger one is referred to as?
. catabolism
. anabolism
The pathway that active in Neutrophil, macrophages, ovaries and testes
. Beta oxidation
. gluconeogensis
. pentose phosphate pathway
. electron transport
what type of tissue is found in newborn babies and hibernating animals and helps generate heat
. live
. brain
. skeletal muscle
. brow fat
during fasting or starvation, acetyl CoA are converted to
. Beta hydroxybutyrate
. glucose
. lactate
. ethanol
Glycolysis plus the TCA cycle can convert Carbons of glucose to?, storing the energy as ATP,? and ?
. Lactic acid, pyruvate,CO2
. pyruvate,NADh, FADh2
. CO2,NADh,FADh2
. O2, NADh,FADh2
Which of the following statements about mitochondria is FALSE
. contain inner and outer memember
. The region enclosed by the inner membrane is termed the matrix
. They are important site for energy production in cells
. they contain stacked internal thylakoid memberane
high levels of electron transport is present in the
. live
. brain
. testes
. adrenal cortex of the kidney
The final electron acceptor of the electron transport chain is? and it is reduced to?
. O2 and h20
. NADh and NAD
. pyruvate and CO2
. O2 and CO2
TCA occurs in
. Cytosol
. peroxisomes
. mitochondria
. nucleus
which does not occur in mitochondrial electron transport?
. Molecular oxygen is converted to water
. NADh and FAD2 are oxidized
. ADP is converted to ATP
. substrate level phosphorylation
Which of the following is not a precursor of gluconeogenesis
. alanene
. fructose
. lactic acid, pyruvate,CO2
. glycerol
insulin stimulates gluconeogenesis
. True
. False
The malate aspartate shuttle and the glycerol-3-phosphate shuttle are needed because NADh cannot cross the mitochondrial memembrane
. True
. False
What blood type is referred to as the universal recipient?
. A
. B
. AB
. O
glycoconjugates include all of the following
. glycolipid
. glycoprotein
. proteoglycans
. all above
lack of choline will leads to
. hypercholesterolemia
. glaucoma
. fatty liver
. diabetes
Asthma drug like singular block the signal of
. Leukotrienes
. glycoprotein
. glycolipids
. prostoglandins
Eicosanoids are? mediators
. Lipid
. protein
. steroid
. Carbs
? are examples of eicosanoids
. cholesterol
. prostoglandins
. leukotrienes
. both b and c
. all above
prostoglanin synthase inhibited by
. corticosteroids
. cholesterol
. diabetes
. phospholipid
Mucins are high molecular weight? found in mucus
. glycolipids
. leukotrines
. glycoprotein
. proteoglycans
structural component of Connective tissue that lubricate joints are
. glycolipids
. leukotrines
. glycoproteins
. proteoglycans
which does not have a major role in the integration of metabolism
. live
. muscle
. kidney
. adipose
Glycogen is polymer of?
. citrate
. starch
. glucose
. cellulose
anaerobic glycolysis regenerates NAD+ by
. producing lactate
. producing pyruvate
. electron transport
. TCA cycle
Amino acids are building block of
. proteins
. nucleic acid
. glycogen
. polysaccharides
which does not regulate glycolysis
. citrate
. F2,6P2
. gyceraldehyde 3 phosphate
Which is not a difference between DNA and RNA
. DNA contains deoxyribose and RNA contains ribose
. RNA is single tranded and DNA is double stranded
. RNA contains thymine and DNA contains Uracil
. DNA contains the genetic code and RNA has 4 types
Triacylglycerols are made up of
. 2 fatty acids and a glycerol
. a fatty acid and a guananie
. 3 fatty acids and a glycogen
. 3 fatty acids and a glycerol
What pathway supplies glucose to the brain during fasting and starvation
. glycolysis
. gluconeogensis
. fatty acid oxidation
Glycolysis occurs in what area of the cell
. membrane
. mitochondria
. cytoplasm
ATP is produced during glycolysis during the reaction catalyzed by
. pyruvate kinase
. phosphoenol pyruvate
. hexose
Lactate is the end product of glycolysis in
. liver
. exercising muscle
. b and c
. all above
Prion diseases like Mad cow disease are caused by
. viruses
. bacteria
. proteins
. parasite
The conversion of glucose 6 phosphate to fructose 6 phosphate is carried out by
. an oxidoreductase
. a lyase
. a ligase
. an isomerase
The conversion of hemoglobin Fe2 to Fe3 is ? reaction
. lyase
. ligase
. isomerase
. spontaneous
An enzyme plus its coenzyme complex is referred to as
. holoenzyme
. apoenzyme
. isoenzyme
. oxidoenzyme
The vitamin Thiamine fuctions in
. oxidation reduction reactions
. carbohydrate metabolism
. fatty acid metabolism
. gluconeogenesis
Folate, The precursor of tetrahydrofolate plays a role in
. oxidation reduction reactions
. pyrimidine synthesis
. fatty acid metabolism
. gluconeogenesis
Cytosine is a
. purine
. pyrimidines