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myself - All About Me

you call me your bestfriend, but do you know me as well as you think you do?!

what was i wearing in january for my 13th hollywood slumber party?
. Skirt with top
. nothing
. dress
. the new outfit i got for my birthday that my mum got me
When my dad first died, what song was hard for me to listen to?
. Without you
. thats my goal
. i could listen to all songs!
. baby
When i was 11 what was my birthday party?
. sleepover
. bowling
. pizza hut & bowling
. Pizza hut
. bowling & sleepover
one day this week, im going to central london to see the christmas lights, what DAY & Date is this?
. 23rd - Friday
. 24th
. 22nd - Thursday
. Your not going, Your a liar!
i just recently painted my nails, what colour are they?
. red
. blue & pink
. pink
. purple
one time we had a sleepover, what film did we cry soooooo much over? And what was the name of the character?
. Marley & me - Marley
. Hannah Montana - Oliver
. Hannah Montana - Miley
. hannah montana the movie - lily
I just put on some of yours mum's perfume, what one did i say wasn't nice? the one i didn't like?
. hypnotic Poison
. chance
. N.Y chic
i now have a yellow case on my phone, but what one did i have recently?
. baby pink
. glitter (first 1 i had)
. none
. dark pink
The other day i decorated a picture frame and put some pictures in it, how many of them were with both of us? & what colour was the frame?
. Purple - 2
. pink - 3
. pink - 2
. orange - 3
i just said i got a mini xmas tree my room, what did i say it was made from? i mean the character !!
. hello kitty
. barbie
. batman
. disney princess