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Personality - How Fat Are You?

An honest evaluation that depends not on weight factors but on lifestyle. Please not that these results are for humorous purposes only and do not replace a doctor or an official health evaluation. If in doubt abaout your health then please consult a docto

How often do you eat candy or other fatty, sugary food?
. On the rare occasion, bute not often
. Never, they're bad for you
. A great dal of the time, it's what I enjoy above anything
. More often than I would like to admit, but it's human, I guess
How is it for you with buying and wearing clothes?
. It' unbearable, nothing ever fits me, I have to shop in special stores
. Most things are too big for me, but Iook okay
. It's tough, I can squeeze into things, but I hate wearing jeans, and tight things in general
. Clothes for me are like for the next person, it depends how much you like fashion, and not on anything else
When people, mainly family comment on your weight, it's...
. Mainly hush hush, that's how bad it is
. Discreet, but it's hinted, I guess it's only light, but still.
. Never, thex can talk about over stuff
. They say I'm too skinny, they urge me to put on weight.
The doctor would say...
. you need to eat more, or relax more
. That apart from your ear problems/crooked back, you're fine
. You're seriously overwight and need to react now
. That perhaps you should consider more exercise, also because you need to get outside more.
Your figure, you would say, is
. Very slim, thanks very much
. A bit on the round side, but okay
. Normal
. Very large
You spend most of your time
. Lying aroud in bed, sitting on the computer
. Running, jumping, doing athletics or dancing
. Eating
. I fo everything, from walking to reading to snoozing to cycling
If you could have one wish, it would be
. To be even skinnier, why not, you're almost a model anyway
. to be a bit less lazy
. to be thin, normal and lead a normal life
. to have someone fun to excercise with!
Main eating habits:
. bingeing, stuffing myself all the time, eating by the TV/ computer
. Regular meals, healthier snacks, etc.
. Snacking a little too much, but otherwise okay
. I eat healthy as I can, my last meal is eatien around 4 p.m.
Body image?
. I look fine/great.
. I could be slimmer, although I might already be...
. I'm okay, but only that