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Psychology - AS Psychology- Memory

Get 100% without cheating and your just about set for an A ;)

Which study supports the existance of unitary stores for the LTM and the STM?
. The Case Study of H.M
. Bahrick et al
. Brown and Kulik
. Conrad
The STSS is encoded in...
. Iconic (Visual)
. Echoic (auditory)
. Both Iconic and Auditory
. Semantic (meaning)
The long term memory is...
. encoded Semantically, can store unlimited amounts of data, can store infomation for years
. Encoded Iconicly and echoicly, can store 7+ or - 2 items at a time, can store immeasurably large amounts of data
. encoded Semantically, can store immeasurably large amounts of data, can store infomation for years
the relationship between Anxiety/memory follows the Yerke-Dodson law.
. True
. False
. Yerke Dodson law?! It's good to have some but too much is bad
. Yerke Dodson law?! Anxiety is bad because people are too busy being worried to focus
Harry Harlow did the experiment about...
. Monkeys preference toward comfort or food
. The capacity of the STM
. The case study of HM
. The experiment to see if people would electrocute somebody to death if told to do so by an authority figure
The Cognitive interview is...
. Better than the normal interview in every conceivable way; it just takes more skill and time
. Better in every way but more irrelevant infomation occurs, and can cause distress to the Participant
. Both Answers above
. It is no better than a normal interview.
Leading question have most effect on...
. Children?
. The elderly
. The stuborn?
. Distressed participants?
The working memory model is better than the Multistore model
. True, but only for the short term memory
. False. There is much more evidence against it than there is for it.
. True. It is the only model which shows how the memory works and has little evidence against it.
. Both A and C
. None of the above
The WMM (working memory model) Consists of....
. The Phonological Loop, The Central Executive, The Visuo-spatial Scratchpad
. The STSS, The STM, The LTM
. The Episodic Buffer, The central executive, The Phonological loop, Visuo-Spatial scratchpad
... is a flaw with the 'story method' of memory improvement
. More unrelated words recalled
. Context Dependency
. Low ecological Validity
. Low Population Validity
"Bartlett" Study was about... and showed that...
. The Reconstrutive nature of memory... Medium anxiety is best for accurate recall
. The Reconstrutive nature of memory... The longer a memory is left, the less accurate the subsequent recall is
. The effects of institualisation on memory... Institualised Children had less accurate memorys and were more likely to attention seek
. The Effects of age on memory... Age to memory accuracy follows the yerkes dodson law
Weapon Focus is bad for memory
. True
. False
. It's reduces the likelyhood that the face of the weapon holder is remembered hence yes, weapon focus is bad for memory
. False. People focus more when a weapon is in the room so recall is improved