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myself - About Me

a quick test to see who really knows me.

I have two favorite book series', what are they?
. Skulduggery Pleasant and Harry potter
. Harry Potter and House of Night
. Skulduggery Pleasant and Inheritance cycle
I have a two other names that my friends know me by, what are they?
. Isabelle Dales and Caroline advent
. Laurana Torment and Phoenix Black
. Kayla Cousland and Onyx Vail
From Harry Potter, which house do i want to be in?
. Gryffindor
. Ravenclaw
. Hufflepuff
. Slytherin
In Skulduggery Pleasant, what is my character's older brother called?
. Dexter Vex
. Anton Shudder
. Eskrine Ravel
. Fletcher Renn
. Skulduggery Pleasant
Two people i want to meet?
. Derek Landy and Tom Felton
. Emma Watson and Christopher Paolini
. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black
. Oliver and James Phelps
If i had a choice to be an Elf, a Dwarf or a Human, what would i be?
. Human
. Elf
. Dwarf
Two of my Favorite colours?
. Red and Gold
. Green and Silver
. Silver and Purple
. Blue and Bronze
What do i want to be when i'm older?
. A vet
. An Author
. A Scientist
. A teacher
If i could have a wild animal as a pet, what would i choose?
. A wolf or Panther
. a bear
. a tiger
. a tarantular
What am i most afraid of?
. Snakes
. Spiders
. Heights
. insects
Two subjects i enjoy at school?
. English and History
. Maths and Science
. R.E and Geography
. P.E and French