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Vocabulary - Unhealthy living

German Vocab

 A.- counselling  

 B.- abuse of something  

 C.- the government has a responsibility  

 D.- protection  

 E.- to protect  

 F.- prevention  

 G.- to infect  

 H.- to spread  

 I.- ill with AIDS  

 J.- to contract the HIV virus  

 K.- alcoholism  

 L.- binge drinking  

 M.- to get drunk  

 N.- education campaign  

 O.- to be an alcoholic  

 P.- to hide one�s insecurity  

 Q.- drugs have changed his personality  

 R.- to change your personality  

 S.- addiction  

 T.- legalisation  

 U.- withdrawal from drugs  

 V.- drug taking  

 W.- drug trafficking  

 X.- drug addict  

 Y.- drug dealer  

 Z.- recreational drug  

 [.- drugs  

 \.- to lead to addiciton  

 ].- addiction  

 ^.- smoking damages your health  

 _.- to restrict advertising  

 `.- to ban smoking  

 a.- to give up smoking  

 b.- addiction  

 c.- smoking ban  

 d.- passive smoking  

 e.- smoker/non-smoker  

 f.- to die of lung cancer  

 g.- lung  

 h.- chain smoker  

 i.- antisocial  

 j.- smoking