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mucic and test - Vibration

Test your knowledge of vibrations

The frequency of a vibration describes...
. pitch.
. volume.
. amplitude.
. voice.
The amplitude of a vibration describes...
. pitch.
. voice.
. timbre.
. volume.
Which of the following statements are not true?
. Music theory encompasses all elements of music.
. Pitch, Tempo, Melodies, Progressions, and notation are elements of music.
. If you have never studied music you are probably not familiar with any of the elements of music.
. Music is fun!
To study music is to study...
. light.
. odor.
. sound.
. flavor.
Sound is caused by...
. vibrations.
. magic.
. air.
. noise.
The four attributes of vibrations are...
. dynamics, volume, amplitude, time.
. frequency, timbre, amplitude, volume.
. amplitude, frequency, timbre, time.
. dynamics, frequency, notation, time.
The timbre of a vibration describes...
. frequency.
. volume.
. dynamics.
. voice.
In music, volume or loudness is often referred to as...
. pitch.
. dynamics.
. timbre.
. voice.
Sheet music is written in a language called...
. music theory.
. english.
. vibrations.
. standard notation.
The most important aspect of music is...
. sheet music.
. extensive training.
. the creativity of the artist.
. strict rules.